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Do you have any questions?

What is the development stage of the game and how do you plan to develop it further?

Delusion Out of Space has a technical Alpha-Demo version showcasing its main concept, mechanics, and atmosphere. The developed aspects include a stable and flexible codebase, mechanics prototypes, story concept, and a prototype of the visual part of the aliens. Currently we are working on Chapter 1 of the game.

What is the key innovation?

Delusion Out of Space utilizes advanced tech like UE5, Lumen, Nanite, Chaos Physics and homemade Motion Capture Glove. The game's unique twist lies in its scientific and religious views on alien life and technologies based on gas transmission of information and nonhuman sensory systems. The Lovecraftian-inspired universe features transmigration of soul and memory, terraformation of planets, and an intriguing dynamic plot.

Who are your main competitors and why are you better?

Currently, there is a noticeable absence of high-quality sci-fi adventure games with compelling plots. We are committed to not only preserving but also advancing the genre of single-player games within this category.

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