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Volodymyr Kundzich

CEO and Managing Partner

Volodymyr began his career at the State Tax Service of Ukraine where he engaged in detecting and investigating violations of tax legislation.

In 2007, he left the Tax Service to join the team of one of the leading investment companies in the Ukrainian market where he was responsible for the investment analysis and risk management. After that, Volodymyr worked in key analytical and finance positions at several leading investment companies in Ukraine where he gained significant experience in analyzing, structuring and supporting investment banking transactions.

In 2012, Volodymyr co-founded Rada Capital.

During his experience in investment banking, Volodymyr managed 18 successful transactions in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, North and South Africa) in oil & gas, mining, machinery and renewables.

Volodymyr has a degree in economic and law from the National State Tax Service University of Ukraine.


Volodymyr Kundzich
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